Primary course material is included with tuition. Students will receive electronic versions of the primary texts so that they can interact with the teacher. Students will also have the option to purchase physical copies from Darul Hikmah bookstore if they wish.

Students will be provided supplementary audio material and reliable books to make each subject understandable and easy. We have prepared special additional material regarding contemporary issues that the Ummah needs at present.

The program is a total of four semester, during a two year period, with only two hours of class instruction a day! It is designed for Mastery of Arabic and features the following:

  • Advanced Arabic Grammer & Syntax
  • Live Instruction
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Basics of Islamic Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Sign up for all subjects for a semester tuition of $600.

Each class is two hours, and the 4 subjects listed below will be offered per year.
  • Arabic Grammer
  • Arabic Syntax
  • Basics Islamic Fiqh
  • Adab

Registration Open Now for Fall 2017!